Is anyone else tired of hearing the Church constantly slammed by critics within and without the body of Christ?  As I visit different blogs, read different books, and listen to many voices, all I hear is about how horrible the Church is and how we are doing everything wrong.  I think I have had just about enough of the negativity.  I know I am guilty of it too.  I also am aware that the Church has to always be checking itself and critiquing.  Yet lately it seems to be getting so depressing.  As someone who often writes about the Church, it is always easier writing to criticize than to find the good things.  It is simple to shoot off every flaw and failure.  This is why many marriages end in divorce, because spouses begin to highlight the shortcomings of their partner instead of looking for the good.

What I am saying is that I am committing to write some articles where I explore the good in the Church and give you and me a taste of something different for a change.  Frankly, I am beginning to find the criticisms quite nauseating and I wonder what the complainers are doing to make a difference.  I hear all the statistics about what failures Christians are but I wonder how involved those folks are in Church and how committed they are to a devotional relationship with Christ.  I will be the first to admit that I have had negative experiences in the Church (some churches more than others).  Yet I have had such blessed and overwhelming experiences as well.  I have felt the presence of Jesus Christ in the company of my Church family as we live life together. I have known a deep sense of joy and peace in receiving a faith and even healthy traditions that run as far back as Christ and the apostles.

I invite you to begin to look for those blessed things that are in the Church this Christmas Season to begin with.  I for one am blessed by little children performing a Christmas play where they reenact the Nativity.  That is a powerful experience for them that begins to embed within their little hearts the story of our Savior being born!!!  As you are able I invite you to share your own thoughts as we go.  Thank you and God Bless you all!